• About Us

    We are a business services consultant on Information Technologies.

    Specialized in the development of web applications, desktop information systems and mobile applications and integrations with ERP systems; on platforms like .NET, C#, PHP, JAVA, MySQL.

    Our developments combine the experience in application design, the vision for businesses and mathematical algorithms to generate added value, allowing our clients to dedicate to their businesses goals.

    Our value lies in the combination of high technical level profiles with experts in business management processes related content, sharing the same methodology and vision of work.To provide our services and our products development, we rely on methodologies, standards and the best international practices applied in IT, in order to be established between the successful companies on IT services such as: ITIL®, PMP®, and Agile Methodologies.

  • Our History

    We were born as an organization unit inside the company Galpa Export, lwhich is the leader corporation in sale, distribution and exportation of domestics appliances parts, refrigeration and air conditioner equipment with more than 50 years of experience. They manage the principal line of products and replacements of domestic appliances, and they represent directly the brands ECOX and APPLI-PARTS in the international market.

    We expanded our perspective and services core, maintaining our intern client Galpa Export and opening the door for outside clients of national and international character, we offer services from consultancy to tech support, with specialty in the development of web applications and integrations with different platforms.

  • Our Strategy

    Goal: Integrate technologies with efficient and effective services, offering the client the knowledge and expertise to satisfy their needs, sustained in the excellence of the work team.

    Mision: Iplement initiatives of Information Technology applying artificial intelligence, capable of creating and maintaining the enterprise and our clients in a leadership position inside a highly competitive and constantly evolving market.

    Vision: Be an organization with high internal and external levels of efficiency and effectiveness, focused on quality products and services, based on trust relationships with our clients to satisfy the requirements in all the areas of information and communication technologies, for the Latin-American market, with the compromise on the response times, honesty and team work sucess.