The best web page developer?

The best web page developer?

With the advancement of technology and automation, there are those who think that jobs are being lost faster than those that are being generated; this is an issue that is giving much to talk about, especially in the middle of this Covid-19 pandemic. Where the traditional way of offering  product or services is being disrupted.

In this sense, today we ask ourselves what is going to happen with the web page developers? Those programming and design specialists that you are looking for if you want to launch your website, to sell a product or service.

Today there are a large number of applications to launch your own website without having to know anything about programming, Shopify, Wordpress, Wix, WooCommerce, etc, etc, etc. We can continue naming platforms that allow you, without knowing any code, to launch your website, in order that you wish to be an ecommerce, a blog, a membership page. And at a very affordable price.

Not only can you create your own website without knowing anything about programming, there are also platforms like GoodBarber with which you can launch your own mobile application for iOS, Android or PWA.

I think we will have the answer to this question very, very soon!

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