Luvebras - Extranet System

Luvebras - Extranet System

Automercados Luvebras is a company dedicated to the commercialization of mass consumer products, oriented to satisfy the needs of the community with a high level of competitiveness and quality. For this they have the support of an important group of workers; They make different requests and / or support to Human Resources management in issuing payment receipts, proof of work and request for advance of social benefits to which management must respond more expeditiously within their possibilities in the different branches .

Due to the requirement that the management is exposed to, the company required an automation of the aforementioned processes, through the creation of an Extranet available to employees, which would help them minimize response time and optimize management.


Create a web portal that allows the employees of the company to access from any place to consult information of human resources; and that can be connected to their Profit Plus payroll management system.


The creation of an interface that allows the workers of the company to enter the portal, generate work records, payment receipts and application for advance of benefits through forms.

The application is developed in the open source framework Laravel, used to develop applications and web services with PHP 5 and PHP 7.


- Reduced response time by HR staff for employee applications.

- The information is updated automatically thanks to the connection between the management system and the portal.

- Simplification of processes such as generation of records (the employee does not depend on HR to obtain them).

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