Defrost USA - Web Page

Defrost USA - Web Page

Defrostusa is an expert company in the sale and distribution of refrigeration equipment, parts, air conditioners and white goods with great experience in the American market.

Like many companies today, Defrostusa was interested in implementing what we call e-commerce. And looking to keep the inventory and prices of each of the products on sale updated for the satisfaction of its customers, we agreed to create a new web portal that could fulfill this.


Create a web portal under the e-commerce model, that is, that allows the sale of products through the internet and that is connected continuously to their ERP SAP ByD system and other sales channels (Amazon, eBay).


In a short period of time, we created a webpage on the PrestaShop platform, which allowed us to develop and maintain an online store a lot faster by counting on the pre-designed templates and pre-set modules. The page is constantly synchronized with the SAP ByD ERP system maintaining periodic updates of the available inventory, product prices and detailed information of the same, highlighting the synchronization of the sales made.


- Permanent update of the website.

- Increased sales through the implementation of modules such as Amazon, eBay.

- More sales control thanks to the graphics and indicators given by PrestaShop.

- Constant updating of inventory, prices, and products through constant and automatic synchronization with SAP ByD.

- Self-managed portal by the client.

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