Total Parts - POS System

Total Parts - POS System

Total Parts is a leading company in the sale and distribution of refrigeration parts, air conditioners and appliances, with more than 45 years of experience is characterized for maintaining a large inventory in quantity of units, lines and products. It’s part of the Galpa Group.

Total Parts’ stores use one of the ERP systems par excellence worldwide: SAP Business ByDesign (SAP ByD), this being the corporate repository. However, in store operational activities, it did not prove to be an easy-to-use application for vendors and tellers.

For this reason, we considered it convenient to create a POS system that could have up-to-date information on products for sale, customers, quotes and invoices, which would reduce the execution time of a sale, thus improving the productivity of each one of the stores, maintaining connectivity between them at the inventory level, customers, among others.



Design a computerized system to facilitate the selling process of the Total Parts’ stores through a friendly interface for employees which can be connected to their ERP SAP ByD application constantly.


We created a Point of Sale System (POS) that allows to keep the inventory, prices, product characteristics and invoices updated through automatic synchronizations related to the SAP ByD ERP system; additionally, it counts with the detailed information of its clients.

The framework we implemented was Bootstrap, which facilitated a rapid development of the system, pleasing to the eye and it kept the process quite intuitively.


Inventory control increased.

- Automatic updating of prices, inventory and product descriptions reduced drawbacks caused by manual upgrades.

- Reduction of sales execution time.

- Greater control of customers associated with the stores.

- Connection between different stores in terms of availability of products and customers.

- Management of information automatically from SAP ByD invoicing.

- Improvement in accounting processes.

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